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Warning: This sweet, adorable, but also sad dog story may lead to tears and “heart-melting.”

A dog is a man's best friend. Dogs are loyal, intelligent, and loving creatures. We all know this. This is why we love our dogs so much. And while the bond between dog and owner is unbreakable and precious, so is the bond that often develops between dogs themselves. Two dogs that live and love in the same household often develop a special friendship.

Like Cookie and Stitch. These two yellow Labrador Retrievers belonged to actor and filmmaker Easton Dufur, KDVR reports.



Dufur shared a story about his two dogs on Twitter that will both break and warm your heart.

He posted:

“So we have only one food bowl for my two Labs. And my dog Stitch trained my other dog Cookie to only eat half of the food that's in the bowl. So ever since she was young she knew to leave half of the food so Stitch can have some….now Stitch recently passed away…..before I went to bed, I wanted to check to see if [Cookie] ate. And so I did, and she still left half of her food there so Stitch can eat.”

We're not crying…you're crying. You can't tell us that this isn't the sweetest, yet saddest story you've ever heard. Why are dogs so good and pure?!

After Dufur shared his story on Twitter, emotional responses flooded in. The tweet now has 922 replies, 22,000 retweets, and 47,000 likes.

Oh, Cookie, you are truly a caring and loyal doggy-friend. We're sorry for your loss.

See Easton Dufur's original tweet (with a picture of the half-eaten food) below.



Here's a video of Cookie and Stitch that Dufur also shared this week.


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