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For more than 20 years, Purina® Pro Plan® has given incredible canine athletes the platform to showcase their amazing abilities with races, weaves, catches, fetches, jumps and splashes at the Incredible Dog Challenge®. This year, the National Finals headed back to beautiful Purina Farms to crown new champions across 7 exciting events. Make sure you don’t miss a minute of the action. Find your local TV channel and air date, today.

Here’s what to expect when you tune in.

Get a Sneak Peak of the National Finals

From lightning-fast agility course runs to gravity-defying dock dives, Incredible is on display at the National Finals of the Incredible Dog Challenge.

2019 Incredible Dog Challenge Events

Get to know each Incredible Dog Challenge event so you can follow along on TV.

  • Flyball +

    Dogs take turns blazing their way over a series of hurdles to retrieve a tennis ball in this 4-dog relay race where speed and timing rule the day.

  • Fetch it! +

    Patience and athleticism help these dogs go the distance as they run off a 40—foot stage and try to catch or knock down a bumper that hangs 4 feet above the water.

  • Agility +

    Speed, precision, and teamwork make for a successful run over, through and around a variety of jumps, A-frames, tunnels, and other obstacles.

  • 30-Weave +

    Speed, dexterity, and focus are key in this head-to-head race that sends two dogs weaving through a 30—weave—pole course as fast as they can without missing a pole.

  • Jack Russell Races +

    Speed and laser—focus keep these quick and agile Jack Russell Terriers on course as they race, jump three obstacles and finish through a narrow foam tunnel.

  • Diving Dog +

    Power and athletic ability rule the pool in this exciting event. Dogs sprint down a 40—foot stage before launching into a pool, aiming for record-breaking length as they hit the water.

  • Freestyle Flying Disc +

    Creativity, top-notch skills, and amazing teamwork capture the hearts of the audience and the attention of the judges in this high—flying, high—energy event.

Fuel the Incredible in Your Dog

Because incredible means something different for every dog, Purina offers a wide range of dry and wet foods across four specialized platforms — Savor®, Focus, Bright Mind, and Sport®. Each platform contains products formulated for a dog’s taste preferences, age, dietary considerations, or activity/lifestyle. Find the right formula for your dog.

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