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Westminster Bracket Challenge Sporting Group
Members of the Sporting Group, Irish Setters are described as active, outgoing, and sweet-natured. (And check out their beautiful coats!)
Westminster Bracket Challenge 2018 Hound Group
These cheerful Beagles, members of the Hound Group, strike a pose while being judged.
Westminster Bracket Challenge 2018 Working Group Malamutes
One of the oldest Arctic sled dogs, these Alaskan Malamutes are representative of the diligent and diverse members of the Working Group.
Westminster Bracket Challenge 2018 Terrier Group
Terriers, known to be feisty and energetic dogs, also make for very capable Conformation partners, as these Soft Coated Wheaten Terriers show.
Westminster Bracket Challenge 2018 Toy Group
These Pugs, members of the Toy Group, are ready for their moment in the spotlight.
Westminster Bracket Challenge 2018 Non-Sporting Group
Dalmatians, belonging to the Non-Sporting Group, are known as dignified, outgoing, and smart.
Westminster Bracket Challenge 2018 Herding Group

It’s anyone’s game. Who do YOU think will win? Check out the seven groups that will be competing for the coveted prize, Westminster Kennel Club’s Best in Show. And after admiring all of the dogs representing their respective groups, remember to register for the Purina® Pro Plan® Bracket Challenge here, which gives you a shot to win $1 million dollars and a daily chance to win a year’s supply of Purina® Pro Plan® dog or cat food.

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