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Inspired by Bill Nye The Science Guy, and with the goal of making science education fun, Mitchell Moffit and Gregory Brown created Asap Science, whose tag line sums it up nicely: “The awesome science you never knew!” Using illustrations, live action, and music, their weekly YouTube videos show that science is all around us, and is about much more than lab coats and Bunsen burners.

The videos explain topics of science in entertaining and original ways that are easy to understand and have become a regular destination not only for young science geeks but anyone who enjoys a serving of “who knew?” with their Internet consumption of content.

This week they take on our favorite—surprise!—subject.

Here the duo shares fascinating facts about dogs, taken from legitimate studies, using simple but catchy illustration. Some of the highlights include:

* Our love for our dogs is real: It activates the same hormonal response as the one we feel for our human families.

* Despite the common perception, dogs are not completely colorblind. They can see black, white, blue, and yellow.

* Dogs sleep in a ball to conserve heat and to protect their vulnerable organs from predators.

* They understand about 150 words.

* Dogs can figure out the fastest route to a routine destination, such as the dog park.

* Does your buddy not like to be left alone? Put some clothes you’ve worn in his space. The smell of you will be comforting. (Remember not to leave him alone too long, smelly clothes or not!)

Dogs get the Asap Science treatment:
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