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What makes a person a dog person? Any dog person will tell you, it's much more than owning a dog. Dog people are a special type of people and that's why took to investigating exactly what this means.

In their study, conducted among 1,500 adult dog owners, Rover found some interesting things that we think you'll definitely be able to relate to.

Are your social media accounts covered in pictures of your dog? You're not alone. Rover discovered that 29% of dog people post more pictures of their dog on social media than friends, family, or themselves. And 65% of people take more photos of their dog than of their friends or significant other. Gotta share your dog's adorable face with the world, we get it.

Do you spoil your dog…a little too much? Maybe you're part of the 56% of people who have celebrated their dog's birthday. Or the 51% of people who sing to their dog. We all do it, there's no shame!

After all, dogs are a part of the family. Studies, including Rover's, show that having a dog makes you happier and healthier. In fact, owning a dog increases leisure-time physical activity by 69%.

74% of dog owners say they've used their dog or dog videos as a pick-me-up after a rough day. There's nothing a good snuggle or puppy-kiss can't solve.



Overall, Rover concluded that their “research shows that American pet [owners] are redefining dog ownership through an increased regard for the feelings and dignity of their pets.” We'd say that sounds just about right. We love our dogs!

So what do you think? Are you part of these numbers? We think you probably are; we're definitely part of the “dog people pack.”

Learn more about Rover's study and find some additional interesting statistics about dog people, here.



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