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Dogs teach us many lessons — responsibility, empathy, compassion. Agility teaches us even more — perseverance, sportsmanship, strength. Why not add math to that equation? The AKC is now combining dogs, agility, technology, and math to teach kids through the new AKC Math Agility app. 

Intended for children ages 5-10, the curriculum-based learning game will introduce kids to more than 60 dog breeds and the sport of agility through foundational math equations. 

“We are pleased to offer a mobile app that will not only improve children’s math skills but will also introduce them to the exciting world of purebred dogs,” says Ashley Jacot, director of education. 

AKC Math Agility was developed in partnership with Little 10 Robot, an award-winning designer and recognized leader in apps for childrenThey have designed, developed and deployed over 25 apps to both iOS and Android, including two apps they developed for the Walt Disney Company. 

How Does the Game Work?

To start, players must select a dog to compete within their agility trial. By completing the math equations that appear onscreen, the player’s dog will proceed over agility equipment in a timed competition, teaching kids about AKC agility rules and terminology amidst the fun. A variation of AKC rules and scoring appears at the completion of a trial to show kids their final resultsTo simulate a real-life agility trial, errors to the math equations are shown as faults, which reduce the dog’s final score and ranking. 

Players follow a map of agility trials across the United States, eventually ending at the National Championship in Perry, Georgia. As kids progress in the game, they are able to unlock 15 playable dog breeds, as well as 60 different breed cards. Each breed card introduces the player to two images of the breed, as well as breed facts. To encourage progression in the app, the game offers a total of 12 different tours at three different skill levels.  

This new offering from AKC Public Education furthers their commitment to children’s education while laying the foundation for a lifelong relationship with the AKC. This app is a part of a wider initiative by AKC Public Education to bring American Kennel Club into the education tech space. 

“AKC Public Education strives to introduce children to a love of dogs through quality educational programs and tools,” says Meredith Saraceno, public education manager. “We are excited to continue this important work through AKC Math Agility.” 

How Do I Download the App?

AKC Math Agility is now available for purchase through the Apple App Store and Google Play for $2.99. The app is completely ad-free. 

While children must be nine or older to compete in Junior Showmanship, kids of all ages can compete in AKC events such as Obedience, Agility, Rally, Tracking, Hunt Tests, Herding, Field Trials, Earthdog, Lure Coursing, Coursing Ability, and Coonhound Events. Pee Wee events are held at some dog shows and are geared toward children ages 5-9. For educators, AKC Public Education also offers free lesson plans for all grade levels and subjects.
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