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Owning a dog comes with many responsibilities: Feeding, exercise, veterinary care, training, grooming, and so on. But perhaps the biggest responsibility is the commitment we make to care for and love them throughout their lives. Your lifestyle may be suited for a dog right now, but will it be in ten years? Sure, things do change, but careful consideration should go into the decision to bring a dog into your life.

This past week, shared the story of Ma Kettle, a elderly Labrador Retriever who was surrendered to the Chautaqua County Animal Shelter in Sedan, Kansas after her family brought home a new dog and she couldn't adjust. Ma Kettle was adopted by a woman in Independence, Kansas, but missing her home and family, she walked an incredible 30 miles back to Sedan to rejoin them. Sadly, they would not take her back. Ma Kettle is now back at the same shelter, waiting for her forever home. Let's keep our fingers crossed that she is adopted by the responsible, caring owner she deserves.

Bringing a dog into your home is a huge commitment. The bond dogs feel toward us is just as strong as ours is to them. Before making the decision to become a dog owner, think longterm. Learn more about being a responsible dog owner on our website. Read the article from Examiner in its entirety.


Helen Rich, formerly Helen Rosburg, heir to the Wrigley fortune, heard Ma Kettle's story and has taken on the role as her new owner. She had Ma Kettle flown across the country and we say kudos to Helen a true dog lover and we wish Ma Kettle a happy, healthy retirement 🙂
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