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Woman holding and kissing a West Highland White Terrier.
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A key part of finding the perfect dog is matching your personality and lifestyle to the right breed. For example, are you a couch potato or a social butterfly? Breed selector quizzes are a great place to start, but for a more lighthearted look at canine companionship, check out this guide to dog breeds that might be a good fit for your zodiac sign.


Border Collies share the determination and enthusiasm of an Aries-born person, and just like you, they love a physical challenge. These workaholic dogs often excel in sports like agility. Both of you are full of energy and can quickly perform any task you’re presented with. Aries is one of the most active signs, so a dog that can keep up will be a good match.

Aries is brave and not afraid to take risks, and the same is true of the Doberman Pinscher. This powerful and vigilant breed is one of the world’s finest for protection work. Dobermans share the confidence and strength of an Aries-born. Just as you are a passionate person, your Doberman will be passionate about spending time with you.


Afghan Hounds are one of the most striking breeds, which should appeal to a Taurus’ love of beauty. These glamorous dogs are incredibly loyal, just like you, and their aloof nature makes them a good fit for a Taurus, who needs to build trust slowly with new people.

Tauruses love children, and so do Boxers. These playful dogs are patient and protective with little ones. They take their job of watching over the family seriously, matching the Taurus’ quality of always being there for the people they love. Just like you, Boxers are loyal and make great long-term companions.


Labrador Retrievers are a great potential fit for a Gemini. Family is very important to both of you, and Labs will bond with their entire household. A Gemini likes to chat with whomever they meet, and Labs are famous for their friendly personalities. You are both versatile, fun-loving, and inquisitive souls.

Just as a Gemini is known for having two sides to his personality, Parson Russell Terriers are tough and fearless dogs in a small, adorable package. They are single-minded and tenacious when on the hunt, but are playful and loving at home. Like you, these dogs are outgoing and sociable.


One of Cancer’s strengths is loyalty, and Rottweilers — great protectors of their households — are a potentially awesome match. Although they can be confident and aloof with outsiders, within their home, Rotties are calm and alert companions. Like you, Rotties form deep attachments to their close people.

A Cancer is caring and intuitive and will appreciate the Dandie Dinmont Terrier’s love of children. These relatively small and gentle terriers enjoy snuggling and playing with little ones. Dandies make great watchdogs, and you both share a tenacious spirit.


Just like Leos, Pugs are cheerful and funny companions. The largest members of the Toy Group are clowns at heart, and their adorable facial expressions make them as difficult to resist as the self-confident Leo. Pugs share your warmhearted love of life.

Leo is the king of the jungle, and may make a great match with the regal Chow Chow and his lion-like appearance. Just like you, these refined dogs are self-confident and dignified. The history of these dogs, which reaches back to ancient China, will satisfy the Leo’s pride and interest in ancestry.


Virgo loves and is inspired by beauty, so the dashing Briard with his quicksilver gait could be the perfect pairing. Briards have the high intelligence of a herding breed, which should suit the smart, problem-solving Virgo. You can both be shy with new people, but are amazing friends to those you love.

Detail-oriented Virgos might do well with the distinctive Bloodhound. When following a scent, this breed can get just as caught up in the particulars of a situation as you can. You are both hardworking when on task, and the Bloodhound’s use in search and rescue could satisfy the Virgo’s need to serve others.


Just as Libras love company, so does the Pomeranian that wants nothing more than to provide companionship to his special person. Libra is as highly social with friends as the Pom, and both possess a loyal nature. The Pom also shares Libra’s intellect and keen mind, which makes this breed easy to train.

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Libra is fascinated by balance and could match well with the Whippet. These sleek dogs spend their time alternating between lightning-fast bursts of energy and hours of relaxation. Their sweet, gentle soul is offset with an all-business mind-set when the chase is on. They are devoted friends that share Libra’s loyalty.


Scorpio-born people make a statement wherever they go and might do well with a Great Pyrenees. These majestic dogs were bred to deter predators such as wolves and, they share your dedication to caring for your family. They are calm companions, with a Scorpio’s bravery and deep loyalty and devotion.

The lively Schipperke matches Scorpio in intensity, which could make for a great match. There is never a dull moment with these curious and mischievous little dogs, just as with the mysterious and fierce Scorpio. Independent Schipperkes can be challenging to train, but assertive and passionate Scorpios should be up to the task.


Sagittarius is the wanderer of the zodiac and might pair well with the Beagle, a dog that loves to follow his nose. Just as curious as you are, the happy-go-lucky Beagle shares your extroverted personality, and you both possess a great sense of humor.

Energetic Sagittarii have boundless enthusiasm, which is matched by the activity-loving Airedale Terrier. You both enjoy outdoor adventures, and Airedales are a versatile athlete for any dog sport. This breed has a jolly, friendly personality, so you will both enjoy meeting a wide range of people from different walks of life.


Traditional Capricorns might enjoy life with a Pekingese. These tiny toys are regal in appearance and have a history with the emperors of ancient China that dates back to 800 A.D. You are both independent by nature, and loyal Capricorns will appreciate the Peke’s undying devotion to his owner.

Capricorns value self-control and discipline, which could pair well with the Giant Schnauzer. You are both extremely intelligent, and a Capricorn should be up to the challenge of training and socializing this large and territorial dog. Giant Schnauzers take life as seriously as Capricorns do, and their loyalty makes them excellent guard dogs.


The one-of-a-kind appearance of the Bergamasco Sheepdog should appeal to the original-minded Aquarius. Just like you, Bergamascos are born problem-solvers that can think for themselves and need mental stimulation. Both of you have a loving nature and bond closely with friends and family, even if you need time to build relationships.

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Golden Retrievers share your energetic outlook on life and love of fun, and they keep their puppy-like attitude well into adulthood. Goldens love to serve people. They not only work as service dogs, but also make wonderful therapy dogs, which should please the humanitarian Aquarius.


Saint Bernards were developed hundreds of years ago to rescue lost travelers, and their incredible willingness to help others makes them a great fit for the selfless Pisces. You are both loyal and devoted. These dogs may be large, growing up to 180 pounds, but they have the Pisces’ gentle soul.

Chihuahuas are loyal dogs that become devoted to their owner, and they share the Pisces’ intuitive and empathic ways, sensing your emotions even before you do. Communication with loved ones is key to Chihuahuas, as they adore nothing more than one-on-one time in the lap of their owner.
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