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Sometimes the same routine gets boring and you need to spice things up. The same thing can be said for our dogs—walks and fetch are great, but maybe you’d both like to try something new. That’s why this woman created a ball pit for her pup right at home. 

The best part about it? There’s just two items on the materials list that you can easily gather from your local craft or party store. (Or you could always order them online, because it’s 2016 and sometimes the simple click of a button is more enticing.)

1. Large craft boxes (or small, depending on the size of your dog)
2. Play pit balls

Using the craft boxes and an empty corner of a room, create the outsides of the pit. Put the play pit balls and and Voila! BALL PIT HEAVEN.

 To ensure your dog has fun safely, always supervise your dog when introducing them to new toys.

Check out the time-lapse below on how to create the ball pit, and stick around to see just how much fun this woman’s Labrador Retriever had.




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This Labrador Retriever had a blast playing in the ball pit, showing the active, athletic playfulness of the breed. Learn more about the breed here, or if you're looking for a puppy, you should visit the AKC Marketplace for Labrador Retriever puppies.
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