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Certainly you've heard of the principle “form follows function.” This Newfoundland puppy named Dethan is here to prove that principle. He seems to think that his water bowl is much better utilized as a way to cool off instead of a drinking source. Form definitely follows function in this case.

To top it all off, Dethan literally grew out of his puppy-sized water bowl, so his owners bought him a larger one. If it fits, it sits, are we right?

It seems that Dethan loves the water, maybe he'll be like one of these water rescue dogs when he grows up.

Newfoundlands are great family dogs, and are incredibly intelligent and easily trained. If you're looking into getting a new puppy, find out if the Newfoundland is a good fit for you here. Check out the AKC Marketplace for  Newfoundland puppies

Need more proof that they're awesome companions? Watch how adorably this big guy interacts with his human.
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