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This baby is sleeping and one of his feet is hanging out of his blanket. This is a job for Super Yorkie! This little Yorkshire Terrier takes it upon himself to tuck the baby back in.

And just as you would expect, this video is downright adorable.

Check it out.

How cute is that? That pup doesn’t stop until the baby’s foot is fully covered.

And for another precious Yorkie relationship, we have Noodles and Dexter. Noodles, a Siamese cat, has accepted Dexter the Yorkie pup as part of the family. How does she show her approval? The only way cats know how…

Dexter looks a little puzzled, but he’s fully succumbed to Noodles’ love. And we think it’s pretty cute. Kitty kisses for the Yorkie pup!

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As you can tell, the Yorkie is a great family dog. Test your knowledge of this sprightly, tomboyish, and affectionate breed here.
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