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This little Yorkie doesn't look too happy. Why, you ask? Because it's raining. That's certainly something we all can understand. There's nothing worse than going outside and getting all wet and muddy… especially if you're a dog (although there are some dogs that love it).

See how this pup responds when her owner asks if she's sad because it's raining.

How cute is that? Aren't you sad it's raining now too? We sure are.

Want to teach your dog to answer yes and no like this pup? Learn how here.

Now to cheer you up, we have an adorable Yorkie whose goal in life is to make a difference. Meet Winnie. She's a therapy dog and visits children's hospitals.

Way to go, Winnie! She certainly exemplifies the affectionate nature of the Yorkie.

Learn more about the history of this sprightly and tomboyish breed below.
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