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Small? Who you callin' small? Luna the Yorkie may be (a little) small in stature, but she doesn't let that stop her.

And why should she? After all, Yorkies are known for the big attitude they have in their small bodies. Luna is definitely a great example of this. She's determined to carry this giant stick (that's nearly twice her size) as she walks down the street. It's her stick and she's going to carry it (very smoothly, we might add).

Watch her go.

She may be wearing a pink, puffy winter jacket, but don't let that fool you. Luna is a tough cookie. Not everyone could carry that stick with such ease. It's incredible! Way to go, Luna.

Is your dog a fetch expert like Luna? Or maybe he needs a few pointers? While you might think fetch is natural, it's not always easy and sometimes a few tips can help get your dog on the right track. Check out our advice, here.

And though Luna is exemplifying the Yorkie “tomboyishness,” in her video, the pup in this video is all about affection. Dexter is all chill and relaxed as Noodles the Siamese gives him a little “cat initiation” into the family. This one is definitely an “awww” moment.

Is that not the cutest? It's great seeing some dog and cat love! Need tips on creating a good relationship between your pup and your cat? Check out our advice, here.

Looking for something fun to do with your dog, other than playing fetch and snuggling (of course)? A great way to keep your dog active and challenge his mind is to work on trick training. Your dog will love it and the bond between you will only grow and grow.

Check out a trick example in the video below.
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