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Yorkshire Terrier versus Exercise Ball


Who said small dogs couldn’t do great things? No one who ever knew a mighty small dog, that’s for sure. Many small dogs are just big dogs in disguise! Like this Yorkshire Terrier.

Clearly nobody told this guy that he’s actually pretty small. Regardless of size, he’s determined to roll this exercise ball across the apartment floor. Can he do it? Find out below.


Wow! Look at that little Yorkie go. He’s pretty much unstoppable. He won’t let the size of that ball keep him from having a good time. And more power to him.

Buuuut, if he were ever in the market for a toy a little more his size, he should probably start his search here.

Want to see another adorable Yorkie video? Of course you do! Unlike our first Yorkie who was bursting with energy, this Yorkie pupper is very sleeeeepy. He’s snuggling on the couch with a Siamese cat named Noodles. This is a moment that puts to bed the misconception that dogs and cats hate each other. Check it out.


Awwwww, this is so sweet. Noodles has obviously decided that this puppy is A-OK for his family. What a perfect moment. Need tips to make sure that the cat and dog in your household get along like Noodles and Dexter? Check out our advice, here.


Looking to celebrate the Yorkie in your life? Check out our Yorkshire Terrier specific-products on the AKC Shop. We also have collars, dog bowls, and more. Whatever you need for your dog, you’ll find it!

And…because we know just how much you love dog videos, we’ve found one more that we think you’ll enjoy.
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