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Can dogs wink?! It's something we had certainly never thought before, but this German Shepherd Dog has proven anything is possible. Not only does this dog wink, but he does so on command.

Don't blink, or you'll miss it! Check it out.

A quick video, but incredible nonetheless! German Shepherds, and all dogs for that matter, continue to amaze us with their abilities and love.

Since German Shepherds are known for their intelligence and trainability, teaching them tricks like this dog helps keep them mentally stimulated and active. Want to teach your dog to high five, wave, or more? Find out how, here. And if you've already mastered these tricks, you might want to consider getting involved in a dog sport, like agility, obedience, or herding.

Speaking of herding, the German Shepherd is a natural herder as he is derived from the old breeds of herding and farm dogs.

And that instinct is certainly present in Thorin. This dog is watching over some baby rheas and he's doing an excellent job. They have the ability to run free as Thorin's watchful eye is keeping them safe.

Way to go, Thorin! Interested in learning more about herding? Check it out, here.

And if you haven't yet had your German Shepherd fill… we've got one more video for you to enjoy.

It's an adorable dog-compilation…keep your eyes out for the GSD!
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