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Jack the Golden Retriever's owner has caught him in the act. He's digging a hole in the backyard. But when she calls him out for his digging, he has a pretty hilarious reaction.

Check it out.

Did you see a hole? We didn't see a hole! We just saw a Golden Retriever lying in the grass.

Does your dog ever do this? Pretend nothing is happening when you catch him doing something he knows he shouldn't be? We've definitely been there.

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While Jack is digging his way to China, this Golden Retriever pup is fascinated by his own picture on a computer screen. The way his little fluffy head tilts back and forth is too precious.

Watch below.

What is he thinking, we wonder. “Who is that dog?” “Is that me?” “That dog is so very adorable and would make a great friend?” Only that little pup really knows.

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Want to test your knowledge of the Golden Retriever? Check out these fun facts about one of America's favorite dogs.
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