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Dogs can make excellent companions for a variety of hunting excursions. Dogs help locate camouflaged game, flush it from hiding, and retrieve flying or running quarry. Some dogs are better suited to hunting, like Retrievers, pointing breeds, and Spaniels. Regardless of a dog’s innate instinct and hunting skills, however, proper gear is essential to keep your pup safe and satisfied in the field.

It’s essential to keep your pup’s mental and physical energy intact so they’re ready for a great hunt. During the offseason, consider keeping your dog’s hunting instincts sharp by enrolling in performance sports like Field Trials, or Hunt Tests. In the meantime, make sure you stock up the right supplies before your next hunting trip.

Hunting Vest

Hurtta Rambler Vest

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The Rambler vest is a must-have for keeping your dog safe and seen. Thermal insulation keeps dogs warm, while durable elastic material protects skin from debris. Available in sizes XS-XXL, the vest even has a handle to help you lift your dog. Reviewers praised this product for its snug fit and visibility in the field.  Price: $60

First-Aid Kit

RC Pet Products First Aid Kit

This first-aid kit has everything you need for a canine medical emergency. Included are gauze rolls, bandages, tape, and more. It also includes a manual with information on how to treat injuries. Users appreciate the well-equipped kit and liked that there was room to add items, making this a safe bet for any hunting trip. Price: $35

Active Dog Collar

Mighty Paw Waterproof Collar

This PVC-coated nylon collar is odor-proof and waterproof. The bright orange color and reflective strip make it a great collar choice for safe hunting. The sturdy Mighty Paw collar works well on dogs of all sizes. Price: $14

Waterproof Leash

Mighty Paw Waterproof Leash

This waterproof leash is made to match Mighty Paw’s collar. It’s made out of PVC-coated nylon that makes both collar and leash durable and lightweight. The leash is odor-proof, has a reflective strip, and is available in orange and green. Waterproof and easy to clean, this product is long on features useful for any hunting gear. Price: $16

Travel Bag

Hilike Pet Travel Bag

Hilike’s compartmentalized travel bag makes it easy to find your dog’s supplies during your next hunt. Featuring two five-cup silicone collapsible bowls with a placemat, this waterproof bag can store up to three pounds of food and has a storage bag to keep food dry. The durable, easy-to-clean bag even comes with a blanket and frisbee for downtime. Price: $50

Travel Water Bottle

Highwave Growler Auto Dog Mug

The Highwave travel bottle hydrates your dog without wasting water. Squeezing the bottle fills the bowl attachment with water. When released, water drains back into the bottle. The BPA-free bottle can attach to accessories, and is available in light or dark blue. Many five-star reviews praised this water bottle for its convenience while on-the-go. Price: $25

Travel Kennel

Orion Travel Kennel

Orion’s Travel Kennel is the perfect choice for medium dogs that weigh 50 to 75 pounds. It will keep your canine companion safe regardless of how you travel. It features a door that opens in three directions or can be removed completely. This kennel is especially useful in keeping dogs calm during long hunting trips. Price: $424

Kennel Cover

River Dixie Insulated Kennel Cover

This kennel cover is among Amazon’s bestsellers for hunting dog equipment. Its insulation increases the kennel’s internal temperature by 30 to 40 degrees, leaving your dog toasty during chilly hunts. Dogs can see outside through rubber mesh windows, staying secure when traveling with four utility buckles and a non-skid bottom. Owners noted that the insulation keeps dogs warm and cozy while its ventilation keeps dogs cool. They also appreciated that the durable cover fits kennels snuggly. Price: $94

Travel Dog Bed

Kurgo Travel Waterproof Dog Bed

Keep your dog comfortable on the road and in the field with the Kurgo bed. It rolls up tight, with a waterproof bottom and top to keep your hunting pup dry. The compact, machine-washable bed also comes with a lifetime warranty. Price: $59

Hunting Training Dummy

Dokken Dead Fowl Training Dummy

Ranked Amazon’s fourth top choice for hunting dog equipment, this training dummy is realistic in both size and weight. It can also be injected with scents, making it great for practicing water retrievals when there’s no live game around.  Price: $33

Dog Towel

Soggy Doggy Quick Drying Dog Towel

This thick, super-absorbent, machine washable shammy towel can hold up to seven times its weight in water. The Soggy Doggy also has pockets sewn in to make it easier to grip. A great bit of hunting gear for any dog owner, this product will come in especially handy for those with water-loving dogs. Price: $21

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