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Ah, rain. We need it, but we certainly don't enjoy it. And what do our dogs think about the wet weather?


“I'm sorry, one more time… you want to go out there? I'll learn to use the toilet, promise.”


“Days like these are for sleep. Joking? Do I look like I'm joking?”


“Do I want to come? No no, I'm good. I'll be waiting right here. I'll watch the truck.”


“Red isn't my color.”


“Okay, so I have a plan and it rhymes with Netflix.” 


“I was having a good fur day.”


“Fine. I'll go out. But teddy is coming with me. Otherwise, no deal.”


“The man on the TV said it was raining cats and dogs, but I couldn't find any out there.” 


“I look ridiculous. Nope. No. Not happening.”


“Is this fun for you? Just tell me you're enjoying yourself and I won't complain.”


“Your rain boots look better on me anyway, just let it happen.”


“Oh, what, I'm muddy? Going outside was your idea. Now, let me inside.”


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What does your dog think of the rain? Share your wet walks with us here.
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