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This Westie really wants to play. Her owner, however, is ready for bed.

But Fiona's not giving up so easily. “Forget bed time,” she says. She has lots of energy, running back and forth with her “play paws” all ready to go.

Watch (and listen) as she enthusiastically tells her owner it's playtime!

Don't we all feel like Fiona sometimes? Occasionally you just have a lot of energy, need to use it, and forget about that ridiculous bedtime. And how can her owner resist her? She's so adorable, we would definitely be ready for playtime with that sweetie.

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Here's another Westie using all his energy! He's just a little pup…and he's facing off against some tennis balls. So many tennis balls, so little time. Can he get two at once? Watch the video to find out.

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And last, but certainly not least, we've got one more video to celebrate our favorite happy, loyal, and entertaining breed.

Check it out.