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This adorable Westie named Oggie is tilting his head back and forth. Why are head-tilts so cute?! We really don't know, but we love to see 'em. Looks like Oggie has perfected his, because we're just melting watching this video.

Isn't he just the sweetest? We can't help but watching this one again and again. Why do dogs tilt their heads like this? Find out here.

Need another super cute Westie video in your life? Sure you do.

Check out this little pup, only 5 months old, as he shows off his running skills. And you'll be surprised, because man, is he fast! Watch below.

Somebody get this little guy signed up for S.T.A.R. Puppy so he can start training to be an agility star! This pup races around like it's nobody's business. He would make a pup-tastic agility dog. Think your dog could excel in this quickly growing dog sport? Learn more about getting started here.

And get a feel for agility by watching this video:
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