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Some dogs hate the water and some dogs absolutely love it. Christy the West Highland White Terrier is one of the latter. Not only does Christy love to swim, but she loves to jump into the pool and do a cannonball. In this video, Christy and her owner run and jump into the pool at the same time, both doing excellent cannonballs. Whose do you think was better?

We think Christy is definitely the winner! 10/10. While her owner has the bigger splash, Christy has the better form and the cuteness factor, which always helps.

Does your dog love the water, like Christy? If they love to run and jump in the pool, you might want to consider getting involved in dock diving. This fast-growing dog sport is fun for owners and dogs alike and is great exercise for your pup. Learn more about getting involved here and check out the video below.

Sounds like fun right?!

Speaking of fun, Westie pups Madison and Riley are having a blast. They're playing a little game of peek-a-boo. Riley is hiding under the bed and keeps peeking his head out at Madison.

Take a look.

Just plain adorable, don't you think? After all, Westies are known for their happy, loyal, and entertaining nature, and these two are no exception. Looking for a fun game to play with your energetic pup? Check out some of our favorites, here.

And for toys that challenge your dog's mind and keep him active, check out our interactive toys on the AKC Shop! We're sure you'll find something you and your dog will love!
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