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Old Italian Greyhound in black and white

Photographer Amanda Jones takes lovely photographs of all animals, but one project in specific spoke volumes to us.

Over the span of 20 years, she took photos of 30 different dogs both at a young and old age.

They aged, no doubt, but the one thing that remained the same is their lighthearted demeanour, reinforcing the fact that a dogs’ unique and unconditional love is undying.


Lily by Amanda Jones
Lily at 8 months and 15 years by Amanda Jones


Abigale at 5 months and 8 years by Amanda Jones


Maddie and Ellie by Amanda Jones
Maddie and Ellie at 7 and 6 years and the 14 and 13 years by Amanda Jones


Audrey by Amanda Jones
Audrey at 3 and 12 years by Amanda Jones


Poppy by Amanda Jones
Poppy at 1 and 7 years by Amanda Jones


Briscoe at 1 and 10 years by Amanda Jones

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