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Marathon season is coming up and many long-distance runners are commencing their strict training regimens. Whether you're working toward racing 26.2 miles or simply heading out for a light jog, these dogs would be happy to come along and keep you motivated. 


10. Alaskan Malamute: Alaskan Malamutes are very strong and have tremendous endurance. They’re not racing dogs—they were bred to carry large loads over long distances. They enjoy jogging and backpacking with their owners.

Alaskan Malamute


9. Whippet: The Whippet is extremely athletic. The breed is known for its speed and power, capable of running at speeds up to 35 m.p.h. They were originally used for racing and need daily exercise. Whippets are great for speed runners.



8. Greyhound: The Greyhound is the fastest breed of dog and has a natural tendency to run. Due to their athleticism, Greyhounds require daily exercise (but at home, they are very laid-back and actually make for excellent apartment dogs).



7. Border Collie: The athletic Border Collie possesses a high drive and is extremely energetic, needing very long runs to deplete him of such liveliness. The breed makes a great running or agility partner.

Border Collie


6. Siberian Husky: The Siberian Husky is a good cold-weather long-distance running companion. The Husky originated in the cold climate of Northeast Asia and was also bred to be a sled dog with amazing endurance. They have a thicker coat than most other dog breeds, made up of a dense cashmere-like undercoat and a longer, coarse top coat.

Siberian Husky


5. German Wirehaired Pointer: The German Wirehaired Pointer is a high energy breed with a weather-resistant and water-repellant wiry coat, making it a great running partner no matter the weather conditions. German Wirehaired Pointers crave human companionship and bond closely with their owners.

German Wirehaired Pointer


4. Rhodesian Ridgeback: Originally bred to hunt lions in Africa, the Rhodesian Ridgeback is a strong, muscular, and active dog capable of great endurance at a fair speed.

Rhodesian Ridgeback


3. Vizsla: Vizslas are born hunting dogs bred for long days in the field. They are extremely athletic, thriving on hard exercise and being a part of an active family.



2. Dalmatian: The Dalmatian is known for its endurance, speed, and intelligence. The original and only coach dog, Dalmatians were used as guardians and followers of horse-drawn carriages. They would trot next to the horse for its entire journey, making it a great companion for any long-distance runner!



1. Labrador Retriever: Extremely high energy, the Labrador Retriever makes a great addition to an active person’s life. They are friendly, easily trained, and love to run around.

Labrador Retriever

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