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Pavlov the Corgi graduates from UCLA

You’re never too small to dream big! Enter Pavlov the Corgi, who just graduated from UCLA with an undeclared major.

Following in the footsteps of his owners, UCLA alumnus Anthony Osuna and soon-to-be-alumna Elayne Tram Nguyen, Pavlov’s decision to pursue higher education was an easy one to make. After being a part of the campus community for a couple months, he wanted to stay and earn a degree of his own. And it only took him eight weeks to fulfill his requirements! Talk about impressive.


“Pavlov’s graduation was something that we thought would be cute and fun since the UCLA community has been such a big part of Pavlov’s life thus far,” said Anthony and Elayne. Though UCLA has yet to acknowledge this feat, everyone’s hoping an “honorary dog-gree” is in Pavlov’s future.


Pavlov will definitely have fond memories from his life as a student, but like most are after a while, he’s ready to break from the never-ending papers, tests, all-nighters, and ramen noodles.


LIttle does he know, though, that soon he’ll enter an equally stressful world of interviews, job searches, and internships. But we’ll leave that to him to figure that. As they say, ignorance is bliss!


Congrats, Pavlov! Here’s to adulting.