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People always say, “kids do the darndest things,” but any dog lover will know that pups are the champions of all things silly, adorable, and sometimes even strange. A great example is this Yellow Labrador Retriever!

He has discovered a bug on the sliding glass door and is determined to get at it. He hasn't realized, however, that the bug is on the OTHER side of the glass. Watch his rugged determination to get that bug in the video below.

So cute, right?! We've got to give him credit for trying. This guy makes a solid effort before turning to his owner as if to ask, “Hey, what's up with this?”

With their adorable antics, it's no wonder that the Lab was the most popular dog in America again this year. I mean, just look at these Lab puppies playing…

Pure joy and happiness! There's nothing like it!

Can't get enough of the friendly, active, and outgoing Lab? Then you should definitely check out these silly guys: this puppy loves sliding down the stairs and this canine is a snow angel expert.
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