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For most people, opera is hit or miss; they either like it or they don't. After watching this video, those who aren't quite into opera might be singing a different tune.

Check out the amazing opera vocals of Oscar the Golden Retriever.


Oscar is singing along to a song called “The Prayer.” According to the video description from his owner, Michael Baker, “[Oscar] only howls during this part of the song, and so far it has only worked for this song.”

How adorable! We're loving your voice, Oscar.

We're also loving these adorable Golden Retriever puppies.


Want to see another adorable (and hilarious) dog who's proud of his singing voice? Check out this little pup singing 'Happy Birthday' with his family.


Why do dogs howl? One reason is as a reaction to a particular sound, like in Oscar's case. There's no real purpose, it's just a dog being a dog. Learn more about why dogs howl here.
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