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Let's be real, there are some routine household chores that are just no fun, and no one in the family really wants to do them, even for a little incentive (aka allowance money). Taking out the garbage, cleaning toilets, and loading the dishwasher tend to fall on the “least favorite chores” side of the task chart in many homes.

So, here's a brilliant alternative: train your always-willing-to-please dog to do it!

Look at the way this German Shepherd named Baron cheerfully jumps right in there next to his owner to help get the dishwasher loaded up in a jiffy! True, if you have a smaller dog they may not be the best choice for this task, but since German Shepherds can get up there using their hind legs, Baron is more can capable of completing his task with success:

Learn more about the German Shepherd, a breed described as smart, confident, and courageous:
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