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Meet Olive the Dachshund puppy. She's outside with her owner on her first day home. She walks around, and considers taking a stroll through the tall grass. But after trying it out, she decides she'd rather play it safe.

Her little howl, too cute. “Grass? No way,” she says. Don't worry, we understand you Olive. Grass can be pretty scary.

And for a pup who isn't in the least bit hesitant about what he's doing today, check out Mr. Pepper.

He's lucky he doesn't get dizzy from all those circles! What pup-tastic energy!

And for a Dachshund who's giant personality has been brought to life, meet Vivian.

Think you know everything about the spunky, curious, and friendly Dachshund? Test your knowledge with Things You Didn't Know About the Dachshund.
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