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They may look delicate and refined but Whippets are fierce athletes. These dogs were a poacher's best friend and love chasing rabbits and other small game. Today Whippets compete in agility, flyball, lure coursing, rally, and obedience. They're also loving therapy dogs. Whippets are little wonders but, of course, their owners know this!

Here are 10 things Whippet owners can relate to:

1. Whippets have two speeds. 35 miles per hour or asleep on the couch. Try to keep up.

whippet running

2. Owners of this breed are used to being covered in short, hard hairs but look how pretty they are.

whippet on blanket

3. Best not to let them off their leash, unless you're ready for them to run. These sighthounds eyes are constantly darting around in search of anything that moves. If they see a bunny or anything else moving they're gone!

whippet in hole

4. Whippets are often the choice of owners as a second dog. Whippets will get your other dogs out running…or their owners, or their kids for that matter.

5. Whippets love to be spoiled. Best to invest in a soft bed for these little pets or they'll be climbing under the bed covers with you.

whippet cuddling

6. If you're looking for a guard dog this isn't the dog for you. These little pets are more likely to kiss the burglar and show him where the valuables are kept.

whippet at fence

7. Whippets are like Pringles chips. “Once you pop, you can't stop!” It's tough to just get one.

several whippets

8. Whippet owners will have to get used to saying the following two phrases:

“No, he is not a Greyhound.”

“No, he is not too skinny. He is a Whippet!”

whippet running

9. Whippet puppies are notorious chewers. You'd better make sure your favorite shoes are out of sight.

whippet with toy

10. They're just precious. Once you are a Whippet owner, you are one for life.

11. Not only are Whippets often misidentified by the public as other breeds (Greyhound, Italian Greyhound, Great Dane, etc.), they are frequently misidentified as species other than canine, such as deer, cows, and even kangaroos.

Photo: AKC Breeder of Merit Donna Miner, Domino Whippets]
Photo: AKC Breeder of Merit Donna Miner, Domino Whippets

12. A whippet's tail is a lethal weapon. Keep your face away from the wagging end of the dog!

13.An incredibly versatile breed, Whippets can excel in conformation, lure coursing, agility, obedience, rally, barn hunt, Frisbee, nosework and tracking, dock diving, therapy work, and just about any activity they can share with their people.

Photo: AKC Breeder of Merit Donna Miner, Domino Whippets
Photo: AKC Breeder of Merit Donna Miner, Domino Whippets


Photo: AKC Breeder of Merit Angela Bass.
Photo: AKC Breeder of Merit Angela Bass.

14. Whippets are prodigious jumpers, which makes them very good at sports like dock diving and Frisbee. However, it also makes them great at landing on the kitchen counter, dining room table, or the top of the refrigerator.

15. In shades of red, fawn, blue, blue fawn, and black, Whippets come in a variety of colors and many potential marking patterns. With so many color/marking combinations, there is likely a color to suit anyone's preference.

Photo: AKC Breeder of Merit Donna Miner, Domino Whippets
Photo: AKC Breeder of Merit Donna Miner, Domino Whippets


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