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They're tiny, full of character, and yes sometimes a little spoiled, but there's something special about Chihuahuas that make them among the most popular pets for the rich and famous, most notably Paris Hilton's Tinkerbell who recently passed away.

These little spunky pups are only six pounds (at their biggest) but they make a big impact. Check out these ten things that ever Chihuahua owner will agree with.

1. First things first. You think the Chihuahua is your pet. You're wrong. This little dog is the real boss.

2. It is a requirement that they are the center of attention at all times.

3. They are often mistaken for small objects.

4. Look at those big brown eyes. They know exactly how to melt your heart.

5. Once you get one Chihuahua it's hard not to get more.

6. You know the way a lot of dogs hate clothes. Not these little divas.

7. He's celebrating his heritage and looking noble.

8. Like cats, if it fits they sit. They will literally sit in anything. How cute.

9. People will ask “Is that a rat?”

10. It's a truth universally acknowledged that Chihuahua puppies are adorable.

Learn how you measure up to the Chihuahua here.

All photos feature Sunny, half of the famous duo Sunny and Judy. Follow Sunny and her Australian Terrier buddy, Judy, on Facebook here or on Instagram here.

-This piece was written by Samantha Van Buren, owned by Sunny.

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