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Like a baby's first words, a dog's first bark is as important as it is heart-wrenchingly cute. And in this day and age, as is typical of such heart-wrenching scenes, we search for ways to witness them again and again. Fortunately for you, below are 9 gifs of howling puppies that are almost too adorable to watch.

Nothing beats overcoming a challenge with your friends. Luckily, these Huskies had a support group to accomplish life's first big feat!

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And just like this Golden Retriever puppy, once they get the hang of it, they put the skill into practice as often as possible…regardless of how necessary it is.


It might be difficult at first, but with the right mentor, any canine can become a howling expert! Case in point, this Alaskan Malamute and his best friend.


This tiny Beagle has a great coach, too. A little nurturing sure can go a long way.

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This Basset Hound puppy is so comfy cocooned in blankies. But before he drifts off, he wants everyone to know he's ready for nap time. And boy, do they know!

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This pudgy guy is too precious. His modesty is evident from the beginning, but after some musical encouragement from his owner, he summons the courage to show what he's got.


And props to this tiny Bulldog for his efforts. Knowing that practice makes perfect, he approaches his task with just the right amount of “umph!” He'll have it down in no time.

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