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The year is almost over and we're ready to welcome in 2017. 2016 has been a year filled with adorable dog news, heartwarming images, and of course cute and funny videos. And really, isn't ever year like that?

In celebration of the end of the year, we've rounded up some of our favorite doggone perfect dog videos!

This German Shepherd Dog made an appearance in February when his video was shared by the Vermont State Police.

Max is a K-9 with the Vermont State Police and he was having a lot of (adorable) fun playing with the hose during a car wash.

Dogs and mirrors are often a hilarious pair. And none was cuter than this Pembroke Welsh Corgi's confusion upon seeing his reflection. Check him out.

Can dogs recognize themselves in the mirror? Click here to find out.

Happy the Golden Retriever has talent! His skateboarding skills had us all amazed this year.

See another dog with an unusual hobby here.

Remember non-swimming dog? Well in 2016 he had a non-swimming friend!

Want to teach your dog to actually swim? We've got you covered for the 2017 swim season! Check out our tips here.

Ever have trouble potty-training your puppy? The owner of these Weimaraner's doesn't have that problem! In fact, they can all do their business in unison. This is a feat we had to see to believe.


A German Shepherd went viral in 2016 after he was filmed howling with the wolves in Zootopia. Then, this Rottweiler stepped up the game as he howled at the German Shepherd howling with the wolves. Howl-ception.

Why do dogs howl? Find out here.

It hasn't been a very cold winter this far, but that didn't stop this Labrador Retriever. He has a different way of sledding and it seems like he's having the best time.

Nothing more heartwarming this year than this video of Heinrich Williams and his service dog, Viking the Golden Retriever, as they walked together onstage to receive Williams' college degree.

Learn more about service dogs here.

And who could forget when Jolene got to meet her favorite toy IN REAL LIFE.

This was just pure perfection.

Last, but certainly not least, one of this year's fastest viral trends….the mannequin challenge! It was so big that even the AKC office dogs got in on the fun.

Thanks dogs, for a great 2016 full of amazing videos! We can't wait to see what 2017 has in store!
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