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Sometimes our dogs are too smart for their own good. Like the Golden Retriever in this video. While he has a perfectly good water bowl, he prefers to turn on the bathroom sink himself to take a drink. Why is using the sink better than the water bowl? Only this doggo knows for sure.


This is one neat dog trick. And according to his owner's description on the video: “He's left pawed and always turns on the cold water, so no worries. We think that it is just the way Boomer is trying to show he's part of this pack, by mimicking the other members.”

So not only can Boomer turn on the sink, but he taught himself how to do it by just watching his humans. He's a pretty clever guy! If he's already learned this trick, his owners should try teaching him some other fun and impressive feats, like these. We think he'd be able to learn them in no time!

And while Boomer is showing off his intelligent side, Sunnie the Golden is embracing her goofiness. This girl has managed to get herself inside the cover of her dog bed and is having a grand ol' time rolling around like a crazy dog. It's adorable and pretty funny too!


She's a little spazzy, but clearly having tons of fun. When she comes out of the bed and smiles, our hearts melt. She's just too cute with her tongue hanging out. Sunnie very clearly has the classic, lovable Golden Retriever personality.


Haven't yet gotten your Golden fix for the day? We got you! Check out this adorable Golden mash-up.


We just can't get enough of Golden Retrievers!

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