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Question: Is there anything cuter than puppies? Answer: No!

And the great thing about puppies is it doesn't matter what they're doing…they can be sleeping, playing, or just doing nothing, and they're still incredibly adorable. Like the Rottweiler pup in this video. His name is Bison and he's just hanging out. Watch below.


How sweet is this little guy?! He's just chilling on the floor, looking around, living the puppy life. Our favorite part? When he sticks out his adorable tongue. It's too perfect…we just want to reach out and pet his little head through the screen.

Did you know that while dog tongues are super cute and great for licking, their sense of taste is only one-sixth as powerful as ours? Maybe that's why so many dogs will eat anything….learn more here.

Want to see another Rottie puppy that will make your heart sing? Say hi to Ansel. This pupper is taking a break from the hustle and bustle of everyday life to play in a kiddie pool. We all need a “me” day once in a while…you deserve it, Ansel.


While some puppies are cautious or even afraid of water, Ansel isn't one of 'em. He's enjoying the pool and loves playing with his toys. Good for you, pup! A kiddie pool is a great way to cool down too, especially when the summer sun is in full force. Need some other tips to keep your doggo cool this summer? Check out our advice, here.

And if your dog is really a water-lover, you should consider getting him involved in dock-diving. This fun and engaging sport is great for dogs and owners alike. Check out how to get started below.


For even more information on the sport, click here.


Looking to celebrate the Rottie in your life? Check out our Rottweiler specific-products on the AKC Shop. We also have toys, collars, dog bowls, and more. Whatever your dog prefers, we've got just the thing!
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