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The life of a puppy. Exciting and tiring…especially for new puppy owners. But it's an adorable and happy life and one that we all probably wish we had sometimes.

Take these two Yorkie pups, for example. There names are Linus and Lucy and they are engaging in one of the best parts of puppy life: nap time.

Watch them as they slowly doze off in the video below.

How cute are they? They're all tuckered out. And it's no surprise…did you know that puppies actually sleep 15-20 hours a day?! Why do they sleep so much? Find out here.

And while Linus and Lucy are super sleepy here, there are other times when they are racing around the house. As puppies do, of course. Just like any other dog, puppies get the zoomies…and they love to run off all that energy.

See Lucy and Linus “go wild” in this video.

Aren't these two just the most precious pups you've ever seen? Such spunk! And since they are Yorkshire Terrier's, we're certainly not surprised that they have such energy and adorable personalities.

Looking for a way to challenge your dog and use some of their endless energy? You might want to check out canine sports, like agility. They are a great way to strengthen your bond with your dog and keep them physically and mentally active.

Learn more about agility in the video below.
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