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Is it a bird? Is it a plane? Hmmm….it can't be either of those things. This thing that's speeding around is very clearly on the ground. What is it then?

Why it's a Shih Tzu with the zoomies, of course! Lacey isn't Superman, but she might as well be because she's moving faster than a speeding bullet.

Watch her as she zooms around both inside her house and out.

Look at Lacey go! Who said small dogs didn't have a lot of energy? Lacey's got enough energy for us all. Ever wonder why dogs, like Lacey, get the zoomies? Find out here.

And while Lacey is a bundle of energy, Dougie is more the laid-back type. He is all about the snoozy life and boy has he got it good. His owner is giving him the “bedtime scratchies” and he is loving it.

Ah, to be a pup getting a message. That must be the life. Did you know that, in fact, dogs spend about half their day sleeping?

It's true and we're jealous. Why do they sleep so much? Find out here.

And to show more love for the Shih Tzu, check out the video below (or get some breed-specific items on the AKC Shop).
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