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Lexi the Samoyed may just be a little puppy, but that doesn't mean she isn't already practicing her obedience and tricks training.

Watch as Lexi practices “hi,” as well as “speak” with her owner.

Isn't she the sweetest Sammy puppy ever? Not only does she know “hi” but she very clearly knows “speak” as well. And that positive reinforcement from her owner only helps! It looks like Lexi is on her way to becoming one amazing, intelligent, well-behaved dog (with a great howl).

Learn more about training your dog to do some awesome tricks here.

Or check out the video below.

Need another adorable Sammy video in your life? You probably do. And we've got just the thing! It's another video of Lexi!

Lexi has grown to be a full-size dog: beautiful, with the classic fluffy-white Samoyed coat. Her owner is giving her a head massage, and she has her eyes closed in a relaxed-bliss. It's precious. Take a look.

Isn't she just the sweetest? She's clearly loving that massage and we don't blame her. Looking for ways (other than a good massage) to show your dog how much you love them? Check out our tips, here.

And if you're looking to proclaim your love for the Samoyed to the world, take a look at our Sammy-specific products on the AKC Shop. We've got mugs, phone cases, and even jewelry! You'll find something perfect for you, we guarantee it.
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