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What's cuter than a Samoyed puppy? A Samoyed puppy playing in a kiddie pool, of course!

This fluffy little pupper is having the time of his life just splashing around. Watch this bundle of Sammy joy having fun in the video below.



How sweet is this?! This pup is really enjoying playing in the pool and living his puppy life. Ah, to be as carefree as a puppy.

And on top of it all, this guy's name is Ghost. What a perfect name for a Sammy pup. Excited about getting in the pool with your pup this summer? We've got some tips to make your dog's first swimming experience a great one. Check them out here.

For some more Sammy fun, we've got these siblings who are practicing their basic commands for treats. It's a little hard to keep track of who is who, but the group of Samoyeds is working on sit, roll over, and beg. See their smiling faces as they work for delicious pieces of carrot.



They are so cute! They might need a little more practice, but as a group they're doing a pretty good job. And who wouldn't for a delicious treat? Did you know that carrots contain Vitamin A, potassium, and are a great snack for rewarding you dog? Well it's true! Learn more about feeding your dog carrots, here.

Looking to celebrate the Samoyed in your life? Check out our Samoyed specific-products on the AKC Shop. We also have toys, collars, dog bowls, and more. Whatever your dog prefers, we've got just the thing!



And for more ways to show your dog how much you love him (as if he didn't already know…) check out the video below.
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