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This Samoyed puppy is ready to get in the driver's seat….of a toy car that is! Watch as he adorably rolls the toy car all around the patio. It's absolutely precious.

How cute! And very innovative of that little guy to find out how to roll the car around. But, in the end he decides it might be more fun to play with his parents and siblings instead.

Looking for fun games to play with your dog? Find some here.

And for your viewing pleasure, we've got another super beautiful Sammy family. This little pup and his dad are having a playdate. Watch this dad teach his pup how to play.

Adorable! Did you know that while playtime is essential for puppies, they actually sleep 15-20 hours a day? It's true. Find out more about puppy's sleep here.

We've got one more Sammy video for you! Learn the history of this gentle, adaptable, and friendly breed below.
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