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Puppies (and many full-grown doggos) love belly rubs. Just ask this fluffy little Samoyed. He's getting the best pets and loving every minute of it.

He rolls around on the grass as his owner rubs his belly and is so smiley. It's just too adorable to handle. Check him out.


How precious is this little cloud? Samoyeds are just too cute. And their smiles are just too perfect. When you see their floofy, white fur, you just want to hug them. You might want to think twice about a hug over a nice pet, however. Learn more, here.

Want to see another fabulous Samoyed video? Well, we have just the thing. Meet Louna the Sammy puppy. Louna is practicing a new trick with her owner. She's learning to “play dead.” Watch below.


Way to go, Louna! You completed that trick with ease. According to Louna's owner in the video description, he tries to teach the pup a new trick each day. We like that philosophy! Trick training is a great way to challenge your dog.

Looking for some new tricks to teach your dog? Check out our trick guide here and learn more in the following video:


Looking to celebrate the friendly and gentle Samoyed in your life? Check out our Sammy specific-products on the AKC Shop. We also have toys, collars, dog bowls, and more. You'll be able to find something you and your dog will love, we guarantee it!
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