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Remember when you were a kid and your parents always told you to eat your fruits and vegetables? We do. And sometimes you didn't want to eat 'em, so you kind just pushed them around on your plate, played with them even. Kind of like this Rottweiler puppy.

Since fruits and veggies aren't a necessity for dogs like they are for humans, this Rottie pup has decided he might as well play with this lemon that's on the ground. He's kind of confused about what exactly it is, so he does what any puppy would do: sniffs it, licks it, and barks at it.

Check out his adorable puppy confusion and curiosity.


Puppy curiosity is just too cute! They have so much energy and enthusiasm for even the smallest things in life. And the way this Rottie jumps up and makes the “play pose” at this little piece of lemon is too funny. With his inquisitive nature, his owner should consider investing in some interactive puzzle toys. These toys will keep your dog entertained and challenge his mind.

Check out some interactive toys (and more!) on the AKC Shop.

Want to see another Rottweiler pup who's having the time of his life enjoying something new? Yeah, we know you do. Meet Ansel! He's having a great time exploring the water in his new kiddie pool. Watch him splash around, below.



How cute is Ansel?! He's having such fun. Need help teaching your dog to enjoy a swim in the pool? Check out our advice for canine swimming, here.

Or maybe you and your dog have decided swimming isn't his thing? Maybe he'd rather try his paws at a dog sport like agility or obedience. These sports challenge your dog, keep him active, and help better the bond between the two of you.

Get a feel for obedience in the video below.