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How does your dog feel about bath time? Does he run in the other direction when you say the word? Or does he think it's the perfect time for a little R&R? In the case of this Pug puppy, he thinks having a bath is the most relaxing thing in the entire world.

Title for this video: “The most relaxed dog you'll see today.” And they're not kidding. This Pug is enjoying getting a bath from his owner…he's practically asleep. Check him out.

Is that not the cutest little Pug-bath you've ever seen? That guy is SO relaxed, we just can't believe it. And what's even cuter, is how he fits in that small, bathroom sink.

Looking to make your bath time a bonding experience like this Pug-owner pair? Check out our tips on how to better your dog's bath time, here.

And for advice on the part of grooming many owners forget, watch the video below.

Want to see another adorable Pug just enjoying life? We know you do. And we're prepared with a Pug-tastic video of two pups playing in the snow.

Watch as Momo and her best friend the Cav romp around through the winter bliss.

These two are having the time of their lives. And the slow-mo only makes their excitement even more evident.

Are you excited to show off your love for the Pug? We have just the thing you need. A Pug mug. Or maybe a Pug phone case. Or necklace. The AKC Shop has all the products a Pug owner could ever need. Check them out here.
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