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There is a holiday for everything these days, including today: National Love Your Red Hair Day! Since we love to celebrate, we've compiled a few beautiful pictures of some of our red-haired breeds.

Check out these adorable dogs and learn fun facts about their magnificent and unique coats.

This Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever is all smiles.

Photo courtesy of Joy Annunziato, AKC Breeder of Merit

Since the Toller was bred to retrieve in icy waters, she has a repellent double coat.


The double coat is of medium length and softness with a soft dense undercoat.


While the Toller's coat may have a slight wave on the back, it is otherwise straight (and absolutely stunning for that matter).
This Irish Terrier is looking fabulous. He's very proud of his coat.

irish terrier1

Did you know the Irish Terrier has the distinction of being the only all-red Terrier?

irish terrier3

His coat is dense and wiry with a stiff outer coat and an under coat that contains finer and softer hair, lighter in color.

irish terrier2

Say hello to the American English Coonhound

ae coonhound1

A renowned hunting dog, the American English Coonhound has a hard, protective coat of medium length.

ae coonhound2

Here's a dog with “red” in his name, the Irish Red and White Setter!

rw setter 1

The coat of this breed has red patches on a white background which serves a practical function. It allows hunters to spot their dog at a distance.

rw setter2

The Irish Red and White Setter also has long, silky fine hair called “feathering” on the back of his legs and outer ears.

You can see the feathering in this adorable picture of these pups.

rw setter3
Photo courtesy of Christina Phillips, AKC Breeder of Merit

Dachshunds come in many colors, one of which is indeed, red.


Fun fact! In addition to their color variety, Dachshunds also can have three varieties of coat, smooth, wirehaired, and longhaired.


This guy is a longhaired Dachshund.

Who would have guessed that the Redbone Coonhound has a red coat?!

redbone coonhound1

All kidding aside, not only is this breed known for his flashy coat, but he is also an excellent hunter, swimmer, and tracker.

redbone coonhound2

What a great day to celebrate these red-coated breeds! Want to learn more about different dog coats? Check out all our breeds here.

And for the best tips to keep your dog's coat in tip-top shape, we've got those here.
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