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“Which Breed of Dog Are you?” quizzes have been around for a while, but after a whopping 1.3 million people recently weighed in by answering 10 basic questions, BrainFall compiled the stats to reveal which breeds participants were most similar to (not in appearance, of course!)

The Top Five were:

  1. Bulldog (24.86%)
  2. German Shepherd (23.93%)
  3. Beagle (19.11)%
  4. Labrador Retriever (17.22%)
  5. Toy Poodle (10.23%)


Are you laid back and love kids? Would you rather spend a scorching summer day hanging out with your family in air-conditioned comfort? Do you take things in stride, with an “it’s all good” attitude? If so, you’re like the majority of people who took the quiz.

Not surprisingly, the Bulldog also made in onto the AKC’s 5 most popular breeds in 2014.

German Shepherd

Does having nothing to do drive you a little crazy? Is loyalty important to you, along with hard work and reliability? If you love learning news things and pride yourself on your courage and confidence, the German Shepherd is your most relatable breed.


The friendly comedians in the quiz must’ve gotten this result. Beagles are loving and lovable, happy, easygoing, and companionable. Beagles are also curious, clever, and quick, and they love to play. They are comedians who will keep you laughing at their antics. 

Labrador Retriever

The loveable Lab scored points with outdoorsy types and those who have rarely met a person they didn’t like.

Toy Poodle

Quiz-takers who got this breed for their result can be considered loyal and attentive, and crave the company of others. Like their canine Doppelganger, these folks are also wicked smart!


For reason we can’t figure out, the Dachshund came in last place, with only 4.63% of people reporting themselves most similar to this lively and curious “badger dog.”

So, which breed are you most like?

Click here to take the quiz — and be sure to share your answer below.
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