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Puppies vs. Carrots: An Epic Battle of Cuteness

You know that moment when you sit down to a hot plate of food you just prepared for dinner, and you are absolutely beyond hungry, and you take your fork and try to get your first mouthful ready to go, but something’s not working out as planned? Either the fork is not sharp enough or it’s too hot, or who knows what, but the food just isn’t making it to your mouth.

Well, that is sort of what these sweet puppies seem to be dealing with in these hysterical videos of them trying to conquer the carrot… without much success.

For this Old English Sheepdog, it’s certainly not for his lack of trying, nor his lack of patience, because he is demonstrating tremendous restraint throughout the experience. Aside from a few “thwacks” with his big clumsy puppy paw trying to get that monstrous carrot in his mouth, he really seems like he would be content to keep trying, and trying, for who knows how long.

This Golden Retriever has the same issue. He looks SO eager to try to eat this baby carrot. He bites it, paws at it, and tries to get it to play with him — but since it’s only a vegetable, it sadly does not play back. Watch this video and see this puppy’s amazing reaction when the carrot refuses to play back:

When your carrot just WON’T cooperate

Posted by OK! Magazine Australia on Saturday, September 19, 2015

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