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tax day
"I’m H&R and this is my partner Block."
tax day
Golden Retriever puppies
“We’re getting a refund, honey!”
"Who needs a teddy bear when they've got me?!”
Originally ratters in mines and mills bfore becoming English lapdogs, the Yorkshire Terrier is bred to be a lap-sized companion.
“I think it’s time for a play break.”
“They say being cute is better than being rich.”
“No, I do not think you'll be auditing me!”
“Tell me about it, I’m all ears!”
“Hurry up! The post office closes in five minutes!”
“Occupation? Hmmm... Being cute.”

Dogs are the best kind of friends — they stick by us through thick and thin, good times and…tax time. Whether you’re the type who starts working on your taxes Jan. 2 or find yourself constantly scrambling for an extension, let these photos of puppies help keep you calm. They’re not accountants, they can’t file electronically, they don’t know where you put those receipts, and they’re not great at using calculators, but they are the perfect antidote to tax day stress!
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