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These Pug puppies are testing out their pipes. They're experimenting with all of the different sounds they can make… there's a yip, a squeal, but doesn't seem like they've got the hang of a full bark just yet.

Regardless, they're still precious and adorable! Check them out.

Is that not one of the cutest things you've ever seen? Don't worry Pug pups, you'll get your voices going in no time. Pretty soon, you'll be chattering away.

Did you know? There are a variety of different reasons why dogs howl, not just to get your attention. Learn more about the science behind the howl, here.

And while those Pug pups are working on their barkies, Gadget the Pug is showing off his puppy-skills. He may be only 12-weeks old, but he's definitely mastered his basics.

Take a look.

Nice work, Gadget! You've certainly been working hard. He's even tackled fetch, which isn't an easy feat… especially for rambunctious pups. Gadget's on his way to becoming a well-mannered, Canine Good Citizen.

And as for his looks, he definitely is all-set there. He's downright ADORABLE (as are all puppies, if we're being honest).

Need more Pug videos in your life? We have just the thing.

Meet Xander.

Not only is he a cutie, he's also a hardworking therapy dog.

Hear his story and learn about how he helps those in need.
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