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There are so many great things about being a dog. This Poodle wouldn't change his dog-life for anything…except he might like some thumbs. He's having a problem with a Cool Whip container and thumbs would definitely help. All this guy wants is to pick up the container and play with it. Is that so much to ask? Unfortunately, he's having a little bit of trouble…

Thumbs would have come in handy here. But eventually, after much determination, this dog gets the container turned over! Nice work pup; Poodles are known for their smarts, after all.

Maybe what this intelligent Poodle needs is an interactive toy to challenge him and keep him busy. Good thing the AKC Shop has interactive toys, tug toys, and more! Check them out, here.

And if playing with a Cool Whip container wasn't enough fun for this dog, we have another video of him that's even sillier. In this one, he gets a little excited about watching other pups on TV. And when we say a little, we mean a lot. Watch all the hilarious and adorable ways he shows just how excited he is.

Spinning, jumping, barking…this Poodle can not get enough of those dogs on TV. He's got such energy and he's not afraid to show it. Why do dogs like this guy watch TV? Find out, here.

Does your dog have endless energy and enthusiasm like this Poodle? Looking for a way to bond and exercise your dog's mind and body at the same time? Maybe you should try agility, obedience, or rally! These different dog sports are fun, entertaining, and there's one out there for every dog and owner.

Learn more about dog sports, here, and get a feel for agility in the video below.
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