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Did you snuggle up on the couch this Thanksgiving and tune in to the National Dog Show? If you didn't, you sure missed out!

Someone who definitely enjoyed the show was this Poodle. To say he was a little excited would definitely be an understatement. Check out his reaction.

Man, that dog was really excited. He might as well compete in some dog sports himself, that twirling, jumping, and standing on his hind legs… pretty impressive!

His owner, however, probably missed most of the dog show, since she had one of her own going on!

Why do dogs like this guy watch TV? Find out here.

Want to see another Poodle who's pretty excited?

Roxy cannot wait for her owner to throw her toy that she shuffles around, tail wagging. She can't stop moving! Check her out!

Adorable! Wondering why dogs get crazy and zoom around? Well we've got your answer.

And if you're interested in checking out a great dog show (that hopefully YOUR dog won't interrupt) tune in to the AKC National Championship live on Dec. 17 & 18.
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