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Bubbles the toy Poodle is playing fetch with her owner. This fetch, however, is not your ordinary game. Bubbles is practicing fetching tennis balls on a tennis court. She's a regular “ball girl.” Watch as she bounces around, retrieving the many balls.

How adorable! And she's pretty good for such a little girl. Interested in teaching your dog to fetch like Bubbles? Check out our tips here.

Or if your dog already knows fetch, and you'd like to expand her skills, watch this video explaining how to teach your dog to high-five.

Ready to see another talented Poodle? We know you are. This Poodle is enjoying a beach day with a game of frisbee. Watch below.

She doesn't make it in time to catch the frisbee in the air, but she'll get there. As it is, this Poodle runs unbelievably fast! Someone sign that dog up for agility!

Looking for the perfect frisbee to use to play with your dog? Or maybe you want some accessories to show off and share your love for Poodles with the world. Well, you're in luck. The AKC Shop is your one-stop shop for toys for your dog and accessories for you. Find tug toys, fetch toys, and more, here. And for Poodle-specific products like phone cases and mugs, click here.
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